Candice’s Halloween Mantel

I like changing things up every year and coming up with a new theme for the mantel for Halloween, but I try to stick with things that I have on hand. (How many times can we say shop your own house on this blog? A lot, you guys, because it’s an awesome way to reinvent your house without spending much) and then adding in a few new inexpensive items to freshen things up.


This year, I went with a forest from “Brothers Grimm”: a little fairytale & a little Victorian gentleman with natural elements thrown in. Why? I don’t know. My mind just works this way.  Plus, those three things together give a hint of Halloween without being creepy.


For the fairytale elements, I added a little frog with a crown (Frog Prince), a mercury bottle (just like the evil queen from Snow White would have kept her poison in),  and a Victorian looking crown that reminded me of Cinderella.


For the Brothers themselves, I added a top hat and an old collar, along with a lantern and stacks of books. Did you know that the brothers were actually linguists and studied how the German Language was changing, but no one actually knows them for that anymore.  Their collection of fairytales have kept their memories alive.


I created the forest feel by collecting  old oak branches that had fallen along a local trail. I added Spanish moss, crows, spiders and moths, and placed them in an old bucket and a tarnished silver ice bucket with rocks to make sure the branches were super secure.


For an even more woodsy feel, I added fallen antlers, old wasps nests, seed pods, and moss.  You should have seen my pest control guy when I asked him to keep the nests he had knocked down from our house, he clearly doesn’t get my decorating genius.

I did buy the netting (its 99 cents a yard at Hobby Lobby) this year to create some nice texture as a base and the moths were actually a package of red monarch butterflies that I painted and glittered to look like moths for a grand total of 10 dollars spent. Everything else I had on hand or, you know, gathered from my pest control guy. I mean, its okay to be known as the crazy wasp lady in the neighborhood all in the name of mantle decor right?

That is it! I think it’s really fun to challenge yourself to come up with a new fun thing and find items that will work for it!  We’d love it if you shared your favorite Halloween decor themes.



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  1. This mantle is SO creative! I decorate with crows every Halloween and this has given me lots of inspiration.

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