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Clear Glass Gold Bauble Ornaments

Every year I see those clear glass ornaments and I dream of what to put inside them - and this year Candice finally made my ornament stuffing dreams come to life! While painting the black and white … [Read More...]

gift wrap ideas

Wrapping Ideas

A few weeks ago I posted my wrapping kit that I put together each year to make wrapping gifts in a pretty way really easily.  Today, I want to show you how I put those items to good use! I … [Read More...]

ETSY list curated gift guide

Dear Santa: Hint Hint! (Gift Guide)

Our stylish and Etsy connoisseur friend Lindsay supplied today's fun finds - a list that we'll all be sending to Santa this year - because as great as that guy is, he does so so much better when we … [Read More...]

Cranberry Christmas Smoothie | Handmade Mood

Christmas Cranberry Smoothie

We're excited to be sharing this recipe as part of Williams-Sonoma Smoothie Week. If you need a break from all the cookie madness, and are ready for a little something refreshing, we've got just the … [Read More...]

Yahoo Style Gift Guide

Gift Guide: For the Men in Your Life

For our final day of gift guides this week, we're first focusing on the men. I'm not going to lie, I love buying for my sisters and my girlfriends, because I know how much they appreciate receiving … [Read More...]

HMM Baby Gift Guide

Gift Guide: Baby Edition

This is the final installment of Stephanie's Children's gift guide. This is the baby edition, so if you know someone who's just had a baby, or someone who is due any day now, this is the list for … [Read More...]

HMM Toddler Gift Guide

Gift Guide: Toddler Edition

Here is the second installment of Stephanie's gift guide. This one focuses on the toddlers, and what's great is that they're perfect for the kids while still being stylish for the … [Read More...]

HMM Big Kid Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide for Big Kids

We're so excited that Stephanie is back with us today and sharing her gift ideas for the younger (or young at heart) recipients in our lives! Stephanie is an expert gift giver, so you're going to want … [Read More...]

glamour gift wrapping

Wrapping Gold and Glimmer Style!

One of the things we love about the holiday seasons around here is the fact that all things glittery and gold are not only acceptable but they are encouraged so we wanted to come up with some fun … [Read More...]