Mother’s Day In the Mail

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and if your mom or mother in law lives out of town, it’s time to get a little “thinking of you” gift popped in the mail! Happy Mail is our favorite kind of mail to send – and we don’t know a single mom who’d argue that it’s not their favorite kind of mail to receive!

mothers day gift ideas

(Affiliate links are included in this post.) Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to be expensive or lavish. A thoughtful and well curated collection of things your mom or mother in law loves – but might not always treat herself to – will be received with joy and appreciation! This year, I’m sending off a jar of our chamomile and lavender milk bath, a splurge worthy linen kitchen towel (similar, here), a tin of cherry blossom green tea (so good iced OR hot!) and just for fun a sparkly Essie polish.

mothers day gift ideas

Nestle your goodies into a corrugated mailer – it’s an efficient and cost effective way to mail anything! Layer in the box a piece of ribbon, some tissue paper (this one was trimmed to fit!), some crinkle paper fill for cushion, and your goodies. Be sure that the fragile items are well secured so they don’t break. I also put a little piece of washi tape over the cork on the milk bath bottle to help ensure it arrived IN the bottle and not all over the box!

mothers day gift ideas

Fold the tissue paper over, gently tie the ribbon and tuck a note under the ribbon so it’s the first thing she sees when she opens the box! This is a good spot to tuck in notes and drawings from grandchildren, too!

mothers day gift ideas

Close the box and secure with packing tape. Then just affix a mailing label to the top! I use full sheet labels so I can make it as big as I want! Stop by the post office and your package is on it’s way!
Some other ideas to tuck into a happy mail mom box: Starbucks VIA coffee, face mask, bath bombs, a new apron, craft supplies, gardening gloves and flower seeds, a unique extract and cupcake liners,  kid created art, home-baked goodies (what’s your specialty?), a local treat she can’t get where she lives … the list is endless.

The font used is emily font by jones designing. You can download it for FREE here! Mailer boxes can also be found at many office supply stores and even some have-every-thing stores.



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