Homemade Chamomile Lavender Milk Bath

Chamomile Lavender Milk Bath

Next up in our Mother’s Day series is an amazing Chamomile Lavender Milk Bath. After breakfast in bed, I think one of the things most moms would love (and maybe I’m just projecting here) is a few minutes of peace and relaxation. What better way to give that to your favorite mom, than to make her this milk bath and then let her use it… uninterrupted! Chamomile Lavender Milk Bath I think everyone has heard the stories of Cleopatra bathing in milk, and there’s no reason that mom shouldn’t get to experience some Cleopatra like luxuries every once in a while! The ingredients for this milk bath aren’t only relaxing,they’re also soothing to your skin, plus the lavender is relaxing for moms who may be stressed! Just in case you happen to be the mom reading this, go ahead and leave this post up! It’s a great project for dad and the kids to work on together! If you can’t find dried lavender, just use the essential oil. If you’re the dad reading this, if you’ve printed off yesterday’s recipe plus today’s, you’re well on the way to an amazing Mother’s Day!

Chamomile Lavender Milk Bath In case you’re wondering, the jars we used are from Target. We printed the labels on the Silhouette adhesive canvas again (buy it once, and use it again and again!), but Avery also makes Full-Sheet adhesive Labels that you can use. Click here to download a sheet of labels : Chamomile Lavender Milk Bath Labels

Chamomile Lavender Milk Bath


  • 1 c. powdered milk
  • 1/4 c. baking soda
  • 4 Tbsp. corn starch
  • 2 bags chamomile tea
  • dried lavender
  • lavender essential oil


  1. Whisk together powdered milk, baking soda and corn starch.
  2. Open tea bags and pour contents into milk mixture.
  3. Add 1 tsp. dried lavender springs.
  4. Add essential oil, starting with 5 drops, and increasing, 5 drops at a time, until you get the right scent for you.
  5. To use, place half of the mixture into a warm bath.
  6. Store in an airtight container.


11 thoughts on “Homemade Chamomile Lavender Milk Bath

  1. Ladies!! How do I get some of this for Mother’s Day without making it myself? Someone needs to teach my kids how to do this stat. Love it guys, just love it

    1. Valerie, I just use skim powdered milk from the grocery store, but you can use any kind of powdered milk. It should be in the baking aisle.

    1. Mel: I think any essential oil is fine, just remember that some are more soothing than others! You probably don’t want to soak in cinnamon!! As for fragrance oil, I’m not as well versed, but I think if you like the scent, and you use it sparingly, it should be okay. Here’s an article that I thought was helpful: http://www.essentialoils.co.za/dilutions-bath.htm

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