Dad’s Guide to Mother’s Day + Perfect Mother’s Day Printable

Today’s post in in two parts… one for you and one for him! Dads – if you were forwarded this link/post – scroll down!

Perfect Mother’s Day Printable

So… you’re married to Mr. Wonderful. He’s (usually) thoughtful, considerate, tries hard to help carry the family burden and probably really does actually want to make Mother’s Day memorable and wonderful for you. Yet, despite the cute kid-crafts coming home from school and his best guess, you’re feeling a little, well, lacking.

Perfect Mother's Day Planner

No shame. Seriously. We’re not judging. (How do you think we came up with this post??) We’re here to help. Guys, in general, do better when explicit and direct expectations are set down. I’m not suggesting you plan your own Mother’s Day – although, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to do so! What I’m saying is, help the guy set an awesome example for your kiddos by being clear in your expectations so he can make a plan and make you feel like the special, goddess of a mother and wife you are. He’s not a mind reader (probably a good thing :) ) and he isn’t out to ruin the day – he probably just needs a little direction. You can see that I reminded the hubs to make reservations (to be honest, my mom probably already did since we talked about this last week – but he’ll know to check first!), I really don’t want another Texas A&M or USC tee, and my day would totally be made if the dishwasher was unloaded and loaded and Vivi was dressed and ready to walk out the door for brunch. Also, I can’t ever remember a time I’ve been gifted lingerie, but I was trying to give a well rounded example!

Mother’s Day Printable Planner

Print out our handy dandy Mother’s Day planner and fill it out. Leave some room for surprises or be specific, pass it along to him with a kiddo or slip it in his briefcase. Now – send your baby daddy this post so we can tell him like it is.

Dad’s Guide to Mother’s Day

Can I be super honest? Mother’s Day is the easiest day to celebrate and the easiest day to mess up. It totally doesn’t have to be, though. We’re here to help.

1. Set the Example.

She’s your wife – not your mom – but YOU are setting the example for your children. Thoughtfulness, compassion, and appreciation are important lessons to teach your children. You can give them a hands on lesson by remembering your own mother and facilitating their recognition of their mother.

2. A Little Thought Goes a Long Way

Sit down with the kids after school and make a card with crayons and printer paper. Pop by her favorite store to get a gift card “from the kids” at lunch on Friday. Pick up flowers while “running errands” on Saturday. Listen to what she wants and needs – then gift her something she’d never gift herself – from an hour to go on a run without the stroller, to a massage at a swanky spa – your thoughtfulness won’t go unnoticed.

3. It’s Not About You

Unless she’s explicitly expressed interest, please don’t gift her something that is meant to benefit you (ahem: lingerie, outdoor cooking paraphernalia, any cooking paraphernalia, sporting tickets or gear, etc).

4. It Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Last week we showed a few mother’s day ideas (like a milk bath + an hour of alone time in the bathroom, a breakfast in bed recipe, and an activity that you can do with the kids) and tomorrow we’ll have a round up of easy to get gifts (so come back!). If your super-wife didn’t already print out the Mother’s Day PLanner we have above, print one out and suggest she give you a helping hand to plan a fabulous day. The “Grand Plan” box is for YOUR notes!

Truly, with a little thought and a little planning, you can be a Mother’s Day Rock Star and she’ll remember why she wanted YOU to be the father of her children.

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