Apple Cider Donuts

Apple Cider Donuts | Handmademood

We are ending apple week with a delicious treat. Have you ever tried apple cider donuts? If not, we have something amazing for you! These donuts are baked, which makes them a lot healthier than the deep fried version. These are pretty much the perfect treat for Fall. They make a great after school snack, […]


Dulce de Leche Candy Apples

Candy Apples | Handmade Mood

When we started talking about what we wanted to feature during apple week one of the first things we decided on was the candy apple. We wanted to do something a little different from the melted caramel version (although I love that version!). As we brainstormed different flavor ideas, an opportunity came to create a […]

Apple Cider Punch


Growing up having a nice warm cup of apple cider was one of my favorite things about coming home on a cool Fall day. But here in Texas cold and fall…don’t really go together. It’s more like a hot humid Fall day here right now. But instead of missing out on my favorite treat a close […]

Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate

Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate

Even though we’re prepping for Fall this week, the weather here in San Antonio is still pretty toasty. It was 100º on the walk home from school yesterday! San Antonio is known for amazing Mexican food, and this is where I tasted my first spicy hot chocolate. Even though you have to come to our […]

Crock Pot Chicken with Tomatoes

The BEST Crock Pot Chicken

In the interest of making life easier for back to school, today we’re talking super simple crock pot chicken. I know we’ve posted crock pot chicken before, but this is more of a complete meal instead of just chicken. This really couldn’t be any easier, and all you need to add is some kind of […]

Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast Cookies

With school starting soon (or already started, depending on where you live) everyone’s mornings are about to get a lot more rushed. School starts for us at 7:30, which means my kids are out the door by 7:00am. I’m a big believer in eating breakfast, but a lot of times I find myself trying to […]

Homemade Essential Oil Balm


I found a dream of a product at our local farmer’s market – a lavender skin salve (or balm). Meant, I think, for rough hands, dry patches, and fixing booboo’s, it very quickly became more of a lotion for me and “fix all” for Vivi. Its soothing for bug bites and small scrapes, it feels […]

Our 25 Favorite Ways to Use Lavender

25 ways

  Lavender lends itself to so many flavors, applications, and uses – there are far more amazing ways to use it outside of what we’ve talked about. Here are 25 more ways to use lavender (in fresh, dried bud or oil form):   IN THE HOME 1. Add to your sheets/laundry during the rinse cycle. 2. […]

Lavender Simple Syrup for Lemonade Cocktail

lavender simple syrup

This is a story about a little bit of luxury. It’s a story about a tiny bit of decadence. It is a story about transformation and renewal. It is a story about lavender simple syrup – simple sugar and water steeped with luxurious lavender. Lavender simple syrup that gets transformed into sparkling lavender lemonade. Sparkling […]

Strawberry Lavender Honey Freezer Jam


To me, nothing says Summer like strawberries (Amanda is allergic, so this post is a little painful for her!). I love strawberry shortcake, strawberry lemonade, and I love making strawberry syrup for pancakes. I especially love making strawberry freezer jam, because the only thing better than in-season strawberries is being able to open the freezer […]