Bunny Boutonnieres and Bows



Today we are back with my little sister Stephanie (one of our contributors) and her amazing crafting skills. She pretty much rules Easter in our family! All the photos and the project are from her. Take it away Stephanie!

My kids love being festive, but they are not so excited about dressing up for Easter. These bunny pins and barrettes are just what I needed to get them excited about their new Easter clothes.




White wool felt

Wood circle (I used 1 ½” circles)

Pink and Charcoal embroidery floss

Pink craft paint

A pin or a bow to attach your bunny to

Or if you want to make several bunnies you can string them on a cord to make a garland.



Cut out a circle large enough to cover your wood circle and fold onto the back (Mine is about 2 ¾”)


Stitch a simple face onto the middle of the circle.  I just did French knots for the eyes and used simple straight stitches for the rest.

IMG_1823 IMG_1824

Hot glue or sew the wool over the wood circle.  Since I already had my needle and thread out, I just did a running stitch around the outside edge.  It doesn’t have to be tidy, it won’t show. Then I pulled my thread tight and tied a knot


Cut out two ears about the same height as the head you just made.  I watered down some pink craft paint and painted the inside of the ears, but you could skip that step.


Fold each ear over a little bit and glue or sew it to the back of the bunny’s head.


Add a pin or stick it on a bow that you already have, and you’re done!

IMG_1855 ollie final

Now, bring on the Easter festivities!

14 thoughts on “Bunny Boutonnieres and Bows

  1. These are DARLING!!!! I’m going to make them for my grandkids!!! (And my hubs and I….hehehehe!) A suggestion that I’m going to try is rather than paint inside the ears, I’m going to buy a CHEAP pink blush at the dollar store and use a Q-tip to apply it to the inside ears. You don’t have to let it dry!!!

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