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spooky photo jar

Spooky Ghost Jars

  These easy to assemble spooky picture jars are as inexpensive as they are easy to assemble. Simply print some creepy images on to vellum, trim and attach to a glass jars. You … [Read More...]


Reverse Cut Out Halloween Banner

Usually when we're assembling a banner, we cut out the letters, cut out the banner shape and attach the letters to the shape. A ghostly alternative? Cut the letters out of the banner shape and let … [Read More...]

Elizabethan Crow from Handmade Mood for eighteen25

Spooky Elizabethan Crows

We posted a tutorial for these spooky Elizabethan Crows over at eighteen25 today! Go check them out - you'll want to make some for your Halloween decorations this year! … [Read More...]

Candice Stringham Halloween Decorations

Halloween Past – Candice’s House

Candice has holiday decorating mastered. She thoughtfully considered what works in her home and collects pieces that reflect her own personal style while being mindful of trends and classic pieces. … [Read More...]

How to Create Levitating Images

How to Create ‘Levitating’ Images

Let's take it one step further with our ghost photos and create levitating images using the same techniques as yesterdays - with a twist. These are guaranteed to turn out even spookier than the double … [Read More...]


Haunting Family Ghost Photos Tutorial

One of the most popular tutorials I've shared explained how to create  ghost images for your Halloween decorating and since it's been a few years, I wanted to share it again. Plus it's just a lot of … [Read More...]